Look at things differently.

I recently read an article about our perception of things. We ourselves must be able to identify only good things. I often see all from the bad side.For several days, I try to see only the good side of things, but it is very difficult. I believe that I will learn! Advertisements

Winter is coming

I was born in the winter, but I do not like cold weather. I always difficult live at winter, and it is five months. And winter is coming. I want to be always under the covers. I am ready to work even under the blanket. I feel sad at the sight of the trees without … More Winter is coming

Me before you.

Yesterday I saw the film “Me before you”. Movies in this genre (drama) I don’t like.i decided to look for Emilia Clarke. She starred in my favorite “Game of thrones”.  The film would be boring if it weren’t catchy “bee” Lou. Rating of the film is high (IMDb 7.60) but it’s not my choice. For … More Me before you.

A little about breast cancer

October – Breast Cancer Awareness Month in the United States and many other countries. Community groups, physicians, state-owned enterprises and other organizations are working on the full involvement of the public attention to the problem of breast cancer. Among other activities – educational programs for the prevention and treatment of cancer, charity events to raise funds to … More A little about breast cancer