Fasting. First experience.

I want to cleanse the body of toxins by means of fasting.

This will be my first experience. I read a lot about it and I think I’m ready.

Yoga refers to the fasting process of internal cleansing of the body and mind.

For the prevention and treatment of various diseases, yoga recommends short-term fasting time during the week.

Duration of fasting – the day or 36 hours.

Terms of fasting yogis:

The first prerequisite, before the start of fasting, yogis is considered every day use 10 or 12 cups of ordinary tap water. Thus, while drinking regime will not be mastered, even during the day, fasting is prohibited, as there is a risk of self-poisoning own decomposition products are displayed during fasting with water through the skin, excretory and respiratory system. The first sign of such a self-poisoning – the emergence of a strong headache.

The second main condition for fasting yoga considers the observance of special diet after the fasting. The effect of the treatment of fasting is often unstable, and the disease returning in the restructuring of the organism in the usual, unbalanced diet with a lot of products of animal origin. Negatively affect the body after fasting meat products, eggs, fish and animal fats. Also, yoga is strictly prohibited flour products made with yeast, sugar and alcohol.

Fasting duration of 36 hours (full day and night) of yoga is performed as follows:

1. Before fasting – light dinner, then daily food is not used, but keep drinking regime according to the method of yogis – not less than 10 or 12 cups of water per day.
2. At the end of the day do not swallow saliva, but it is better to spit out, because it contains a lot of toxins.
3. The next day, in the morning, you need to eat a salad with carrot and cabbage or fresh apples.
4. Food should be chewed thoroughly and observe the cardinal rule – do not overeat.
5. The menu for lunch and dinner is made familiar to you.

For one-day fasting yoga are advised to get used gradually. First one time in a month, then twice in a month, etc.

Tonight will begin my first experience.
After completion I will write a report 🙂


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